Dan Micuda

Being accustomed to writing reviews on wines, here I am in the position to write a few words about one of those working in the world of wine. And not for a short period of time. I actually found him in the “market” as one of the long-lived professionals in this field.

If I were to make an analogy, Dan Săvulescu is like a good Bordeaux at its peak. Presently, very few can boast a similarly impressive resume, built during the many years spent in the real market.

Now, when producing a wine properly is a matter most wineries have quasi-resolved, and when we talk weekly about the emergence of new players in the wine market, human resource quality and expertise are what will really make the difference between winners and losers.

“I do not know how others are” but I for one, if I were in the difficult position of a winemaker, I would certainly like to benefit from the expertise and know-how of Dan Săvulescu, one of the few local professionals in wine marketing.