We hereby confirm that our company worked with Mr Dan Cornel Săvulescu – S.E.R.V.E. Sales Director – since 2002.

Between March 2002 – March 2009 he acted as Regional Sales Director (Transylvania, Banat, Dobrogea and northern Moldavia) based in the city of Cluj. From April 2009 to November 30, 2016, his position was Country Sales Director.
Together we have developed businesses in the aforementioned areas.

Our relations with Mr Săvulescu included both budget preparation, annual predictions for those years, and S.E.R.V.E. wines promotion programmes.

Mr Săvulescu did a good job also in training people (employees, restaurant managers, waiters, sales agents, etc.) so that they know well the S.E.R.V.E. products sold throughout our distribution/activity areas.

He organised/participated in wine tasting/presentations/socialisation events both at our headquarters in Bucharest and Ceptura and in the country, at distribution company headquarters/restaurants/tourist locations, as well as launches of various products etc.

Throughout this period we have built a strong relationship with Mr Săvulescu and we can vouch for his credibility and integrity.

We wish him all the best in his future work.

Mihaela TYREL de POIX


Dan Cornel Săvulescu is a professional, having known closely the wine market for more years than those passed since I had the legal age for wine consumption! He had been for many years the sales manager of one of the most prestigious wine producers in Romania, which I doubt there’s a novelty to any of you. But this is not why I am writing this, I’m writing because I have always considered comrade Săvulescu as a man with his feet on the ground, with a waggish and classic sense of humour, able to cope with challenges, some created by us, the commentators 🙂

George Mitea

| Blogger @ Lucruri Bune

Being accustomed to writing reviews on wines, here I am in the position to write a few words about one of those working in the world of wine. And not for a short period of time. I actually found him in the “market” as one of the long-lived professionals in this field.

If I were to make an analogy, Dan Săvulescu is like a good Bordeaux at its peak. Presently, very few can boast a similarly impressive resume, built during the many years spent in the real market.

Now, when producing a wine properly is a matter most wineries have quasi-resolved, and when we talk weekly about the emergence of new players in the wine market, human resource quality and expertise are what will really make the difference between winners and losers.

“I do not know how others are” but I for one, if I were in the difficult position of a winemaker, I would certainly like to benefit from the expertise and know-how of Dan Săvulescu, one of the few local professionals in wine marketing.

Dan Micuda

| Blogger @ Provin

A capitalist “comrade” in the dictatorship of Wine. I say, with sympathy, “Comrade” Săvulescu, but this appellation is definitely without the ironic connotations referring to the meaning of the term during the communist regime. I do not even know how he got it. Perhaps from the early years spent in former Vinexport. Perhaps the exuberance with which he dissipates information about wine, following the principle “to each according to his needs”.

The fact is that Dan Săvulescu is known and recognised for years for his competence in the wine market in Romania, for his humour and spirit of “comradery” permanently manifested in relationships with all those with whom he interacts. That is why we wish good luck to “comrade” Săvulescu with his latest capitalist adventure.

Sergiu Nedelea

| Sommelier @ WineTaste.ro

Today I want to wish you a pleasant week, but I would not want to miss the opportunity to point out to the friends in the wine industry the emergence of a new player in the services rendered to wineries who need them (and many do). It’s about Dan “Tovarăşu'” Săvulescu, whom many of the oldest in the market know as the SERVE representative. A guy often troublesome, but certainly experienced and whom you would rather have on your team than as your opponent – whether you produce or sell wine. Discovering this website was a pleasant surprise because, in so many years since the Romanian wine started to become competitive, I’ve never seen anyone provide his range of services and present them so clearly, concise and convincing (and professionally, eventually). From my point of view, the way he reinvented himself online after what seemed to be his “retirement”, gives a lesson to many younger (but stammering) consultants who are not able to put “on the table” an offer structured so clearly and substantiated. Good luck, Dan Cornel Săvulescu! To selling more good wine!
PS That does not mean that I’m not annoyed by all that food that Tovarăşu’ posts on his profile 😉

Cezar Ioan

| Founder @ Vinul.ro

I was invited to write/speak openly about a great man: Tovarăşu’ Săvulescu.
I’ve known him since he was the emblem of SERVE, meaning when you said SERVE you thought instantly about Tovarăşu’ Săvulescu. When he was introduced to me, he insisted to list him in my telephone contacts with his nickname “comrade”. I was amused then, but I, of course, understood later, because in time I realized that that’s what he is, a true comrade: bonhomme, with a sense of humor and a fine connoisseur of human nature. This last quality has helped him greatly in his sales experience that he strengthened during years and years of work in the tumultuous market of Romanian wine. The knowledge gained together with sales experience are in general priceless and you do not learn them from a book nor from a class, or a teacher, you build them day by day based on the conclusions of solutions to issues you have to cope with.

And since this knowledge should be capitalized, here is this expert developing his career in a new enterprise namely wine sales consultant. I am thankful to him for the teachings he gave me over the years, I wish him success in the new activity, I highly recommend his services to all those who need them.

Dana Pop

| Doctor Engineer @ Wine Doctor SRL