Commercial consultancy services for wine producers, distributors, restaurants and individuals

Wine Master Solution is a consulting firm for wine businesses. Our services are tailored to wine producers, distributors, restaurants and individuals who need assistance in managing commercial operations and logistics.

We build long-term relationships based on respect. Having an extensive expertise in the wine industry, our goal is to help our customers improve their activities and achieve their targets.

years of experience in wine marketing
distributors in the national and international networks
events planned
authorised sommelier
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Dan Cornel Săvulescu is a professional, having known closely the wine market for more years than those passed since I had the legal age for wine consumption! He had been for many years the sales manager of one of the most prestigious wine producers in Romania, which I doubt there’s a novelty to any of you. But this is not why I am writing this, I’m writing because I have always considered comrade Săvulescu as a man with his feet on the ground, with a waggish and classic sense of humour, able to cope with challenges, some created by us, the commentators 🙂

George Mitea | Blogger @ Lucruri Bune

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Marketing and media representation

We can help you with the product placement and pricing strategies, forecasts, marketing campaigns, advertising contracts and much more.

Event Planning

We promote your wine through product launches, presentations, tastings, winery visits, wine fairs and other types of events.

Commercial intermediation

Our network includes more than 25 distributors in Romania. We also have contact abroad for exports.

Team Communication

We train your team to work responsibly towards achieving the company's goals.

Staff Training

An authorised sommelier can train your restaurant's staff to serve clients and promote the wines in your offer in a professional manner.

Quality Management

We assist you in establishing and maintaining the internal quality standards, from services to aesthetics.

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