A light wine that can be drunk with every meal

Presently, the Romanians prefer rosé wines, which can be served with every meal and are light, experts say. Producers have adapted themselves both to the preferences of the Romanians and to the requirements of the consumers in Spain and Italy. The consequence is that, for the first time ever, exports exceeded €22 million in value.

The Romanians’ tastes changed considerably in the past ten years, experts say. From the traditional “şpriţ” – white wine mixed with sparkling water – to the rosé wine, wine consumption has gone through several stages.

“There is no Romanian producer without a rosé wine. Formerly, things were very simple: white wine – white meat, red wine – red meat. At present, there are other subtleties based on sauces, ingredients used, and the rosé wine covers all ranges”, says Dan Săvulescu, consultant.

Consumption habits change hard as do culinary preferences, sommeliers say. In the past five years, the Romanians gave up acid and salty food in favour of the Mediterranean style of the Western Europeans. The dry wines are in growing demand in Romania as well, the producers managing more easily to export the wines drunk here too.

“Fetească neagră (a red wine) now accompanies all types of dishes in Italy or Spain. It is highly appreciated because it pairs with the food eaten there”, says Carmelo Sgandurra, Deputy Chairman of the Romanian Sommelier Association.

“There are the musts obtained by pressing grapes, musts of first and second press. That is why the same grape variety can have various prices on the market after vinification. Premium wines are by 50% more expensive than the horeca wines, says Ionuţ Făcăleţ, winery sommelier.

In point of value, wine exports increased from €16 million in 2013 to over €22 million in 2015. Nonetheless, we import twice as much. Champagne, for instance, is produced only in the Champagne region in France.

In Romania, 70% of the wines people drink are white, while in France people prefer red wines. Drought year 2007 is still considered a year of reference in point of wine value; experts recommend the 2016 red wines to be drunk no sooner than one and a half year, while the rosé wine can be drunk throughout the summer, especially if chilled.

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