About WMS

Wine Master Solution is a consulting firm for wine businesses. Our services are tailored to wine producers, distributors, restaurants and individuals who need assistance in managing commercial operations and logistics.

We build long-term relationships based on respect. Having an extensive expertise in the wine industry, our goal is to help our customers improve their activities and achieve their targets.

Who can benefit from our offer?

  • Wine producers: marketing services, commercial intermediation with distributors and restaurants, team building, representation in the media
  • Wine distributors: marketing services, commercial intermediation with producers, team building
  • Restaurants: marketing services, commercial intermediation with producers, team building, staff training, quality management
  • Individuals: commercial intermediation

The complete list of services


I am the founder of Wine Master Solution SRL. During the past 40 years, I have been working in the internal and external wine trade for producers and distributors alike. I created Wine Master Solution to share the knowledge I have gathered along these years with wine producers, distributors and restaurants in need of good advice.

Relevant experience

1 year Founder Wine Master Solution SRL. Consultancy, intermediation and education in the wine trading and marketing field for producers, distributors, restaurants and individuals.

14 years Sales Director at SERVE S.A (The first and, for some time, the only private wine producer in Romania). Organising some of the first wine tasting events for large audiences in Romania, in various restaurants and fairs. Participating as a brand representative at various international (Dusseldorf, London, Brussels, Moscow, Cracow, etc.) and national (Good Wine etc.) wine fairs and competitions

12 years Manager of the commercial department at EDF ASRO SRL Otopeni International Airport (The first duty-free organisation in Romania). Duty-free procurements and sales for a large range of Romanian products (including wine and other alcoholic drinks) and chocolate. Coordinating the commercial department

7 years VINEXPORT Bucharest. Exporting fresh grapes to Europe and wine and other alcoholic drinks worldwide.

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